Partnership program for mobile operators

According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2017, the number of international tourists has exceeded 1.3 billion people. Do you know how many tourists visited your country?

We know that about 26% of them buy local SIM cards in the first store that they find on their way. provides an opportunity for international tourists to choose and pay for a local SIM card online, and receive it upon arrival in the country.

Join the program of cooperation from and increase your sales. We will direct a significant flow of tourists to your stores and together we will create an additional controlled sales channel. We are a team of professionals. Each of us has 5-10 years of experience in telecom and travel. We know what travelers want and how to make our partnership effective.

Increasing sales is easy – TRY IT!

What is Partnership Program for Mobile Operators

If you are:
  • Mobile operator
  • Virtual mobile operator
  • Distributor of mobile operator offers its partners who are ready to sell and issue local SIM cards to international tourists together with us, a simple and effective way to create additional and predictable sales volumes.

Why should I join the Partnership Program?

Huge potential for increasing sales

About 26% of international tourists buy local SIM cards either not from you or not only from you, but in the first store they find on the way.

Big partner network

Our partners are travel agents, metasearch, OTA and other travel-related companies. Everyday, more than 100 thousand people visit the partners’ websites, and this audience is your potential clients seeking affordable mobile communications in your country.

Business as usual

Continue to carry out your work as usual, just provide your services to a much larger number of customers and increase your income!

Easy to launch

We know the number of your potential customers! Just register - we will contact you to discuss further cooperation.
Let us know if is not operating in your country, and we will do our best to start cooperation and earn as soon as possible!