Frequently Asked Questions

What is

This is a simple and convenient online service, taking advantage of which, any tourist is able to select an optimal tariff from local mobile operator, pay for the chosen SIM card and for the required volume of megabytes of 3G/4G Internet and minutes of calls, and then – pick up the SIM card at the sale point on arrival at the airport.

Is a virtual operator? Or is it just another SIM card for travellers?

No, is an online service which allows you to buy a SIM card of a local mobile operator with the optimal volume of included megabytes of 3G/4G Internet and minutes of calls. You pay according to the rates of a local operator for calls and data in chosen tariff plan.

In which countries does work?

We are a startup, and we are dynamically growing. Check our homepage for the current list of countries.

How can I pay for the SIM card?

We accept Visa/Mastercard. Just follow the purchase procedure, and you’ll be offered to pay online.

Can I order a SIM card online, but pay at delivery point?

In most cases, no. For your convenience, we issue pre-activated and ready-to-use SIM card, with prepaid minutes and megabytes of the 3G/4G Internet. A lot of tourists simultaneously arrive to the airport from different countries and in case of payment on the spot, queues will be created. We want to provide you with the best service, so we remove everything from the service process what may bring inconvenience. Nevertheless, in some countries such an opportunity may be present as an exception, and we will specifically indicate it.

Where can I pick up a SIM card?

When ordering, we specify the address and location of the SIM card pick-up point at the airport. In some cities we may deliver a SIM card to your hotel.

I paid, but I was not given my SIM card. What should I do?

When ordering, we request your contact information and send an Email notification on the status of the order. If for any force majeure reason we can not issue you a paid SIM card, you need to respond to our Email with information about the order, describe the situation and the money will be refunded to your credit card.

Can I order a SIM card 10 minutes before departure?

For each country and airport it is individual: from 1 hour to 2 days. When ordering, we request the date and time of arrival, and if we can not deliver and prepare the SIM card for your arrival, we immediately inform about it.

What operators does work with?

In most countries of the world, there are at least 3-4 mobile operators. In some countries there are dozens. cooperates with the maximum possible number of operators to offer the tourist a choice, as well as the optimal combination of quality and cost of communication. The list of mobile operators may change, as we constantly open new countries and enter into partnerships with new operators.

Will I be able to buy a SIM card from a local operator at the airport or at a local store cheaper than at

Yes ? Seek and you shall find, as they say. is created by active tourists. We have visited at least half of the world’s countries and faced the same difficulties as you. We know that the cost of the Internet and voice from local mobile operators in most cases is several times less than the use of roaming. We offer the most simple and convenient service for the same tourists as we are, and we also plan to make some money on it. Each order includes a small service fee, as a tip for good service ?